Infrastructure | Stories 2015


Upgrading public transport in Egypt

Millions of commuters in Cairo will benefit from a €100 million EBRD loan to the Egyptian National Authority for Tunnels to acquire 13 new trains for Line 2 of the Cairo Metro.

Traffic congestion in Cairo has grown at a rapid pace, leaving people immobile, particularly during peak hours. There is an urgent need to increase the number of higher capacity and low-emission public transport vehicles since even a modest shift by commuters to Metro and bus travel will have a significant impact on congestion and pollution levels. Used by over 2.4 million passengers per day, the Metro is one of the key modes of public transport in the city.

Our funds will increase the capacity of Metro Line 2 by approximately 23 per cent. Furthermore, as part of the project, an on-site training programme for unemployed young people will be created to enhance their technical skills and improve their job prospects.

Funded by the EU Neighbourhood Investment Facility, Germany, the SEMED Multi-Donor Account and the EBRD Shareholder Special Fund, technical cooperation activities will accompany the project phases.