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Developing judicial capacity in commercial law in Jordan

The EBRD launched in 2015 a series of training sessions for judges in Jordan as part of an initiative to develop capacity in commercial law.

The courses, delivered under the EBRD’s Legal Transition Programme (LTP), are funded by the Southern and eastern Mediterranean (SEMED) Multi-Donor Account (MDA).The LTP contributes to improving the investment climate in our countries of operations by helping create an investor-friendly, transparent and predictable legal environment.

They are the first EBRD legal courses in the southern and eastern Mediterranean (SEMED) region and are being rolled out under the auspices of Jordan’s Ministry of Justice.

The capacity-building training covers three priority areas identified by the scientific committee of the Judicial Institute of Jordan: competition, intellectual property and enforcement of arbitration awards, all of which are important in a well-functioning market economy.

In this pilot training, we draw on and share lessons from dispute resolution and other judicial capacity-building projects we have implemented over the past decade in many countries with transition economies.