Inclusion and gender | Stories 2015


Creating employment opportunities for youth and women in Turkey

The EBRD supported Turkey’s leading automaker Tofaş with a €200 million syndicated loan in 2015 to support the design and production of two new passenger car models for export.

Tofaş’s own research and development centre will lead the process, which will involve Turkish universities and the company’s suppliers and give them access to the latest knowledge and pioneering technologies.

However, the recruitment and retention of skilled blue-collar workers has been an increasing challenge for Tofaș, both due to generational changes in young people’s aspirations and the low reputation of vocational training and jobs.

The Bank is providing donor-funded technical assistance to the company to create greater employment opportunities for young people through expanded vocational training and closer partnerships with schools. Targeted training based on industry-academy partnerships will help overcome the current mismatch between labour supply and demand in the Turkish automotive industry. The solution addresses a major operational challenge for Tofaș while contributing to youth inclusion in the broader economy.

Furthermore, the activities aim to bring more women into the traditionally male-dominated automotive sector. Tofaș will receive support to adopt best practices in equal opportunity policies in relation to recruitment, career management and workplace practices.